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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  October 11, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> meyers faces several charges including manslaughter. she faces a possibility of up to 10 years in prison. minnesota vikings running back adrian peterson returned to practice hours before his 2- year-old son passed away. >> please just respect my privacy. >> they were head injuries. >> suspect joseph patterson was charged with aggravated battery of an infant. the boy's mother was not home. the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons was awarded the nobel peace prize today. >> experts from the opcw are overseeing the destruction of syria's chemical weapons. the prize comes with $1.2 million in cash. the rally continues on wall street after thursday's biggest stock rise of the year as investors hold out hopes over the deal on the debt ceiling. with all that it's been another day of pretty much nothing but rain here in the d.c. area. this is video out of anne
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arundel county where the driver in that vehicle was rescued after becoming trapped by rising waters. first alert meteorologist erica grow joins us now from the weather center. when will this end? >> it will slowly taper off through the weekend, but we aren't quite done with the rainfall. the good news is the amount of rain today is not something that we'll see as we head into saturday. we had record breaking rains throughout the d.c. metro today. in fact, all of our local airports broke rainfall records. here are the current flood alerts. we have flood warnings in effect in frederick county until 8 p.m. tommy and there's a flood warning in eight -- tomorrow and there's a flood warning in effect for the district in southern montgomery until 5 a.m. and also for prince george's county prince george's county. these are for the streams and creeks in those areas so streams like rock creek and along the branch of the pax river that feeds into that.
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that is also under a flood warning and we have those flood warnings in fairfax county and in the city of fairfax. a six hour loop of radar shows the heavy rainfall continuing and we do have more rain on the way. i'll tell you when it does finally all wrap up in that first alert seven-day forecast. there's been some movement on the government shutdown front this evening and republican lawmakers are planning a meeting tomorrow to strategize the next step. scott broom keeping tabs on the situation on tonight's big story. >> reporter: a day of legislators ducking rain at the white house. >> we had a very useful meeting. >> reporter: a stock market rallying on optimism of a shutdown break-through. hecklers shouting down senator ted cruz at a conservative event. >> thank you for your passion. >> reporter: a president rejecting one offer, but only after the markets closed and a senator from maine coming up with an idea seized on tonight as a possible way out. >> the president listened
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carefully. he said that some of the elements were issues we could work on, but he certainly did not endorse it. >> reporter: republican senator susan collins proposing an immediate end to the shutdown and a four-month extension of the nation's debt ceiling in exchange for democrats going along with the repeal of an unpopular obamacare tax on medical devices. the white house is not saying no tonight. earlier john boehner's plan to offer only a six week extension of the debt ceiling was rejected by the president. >> we cannot have a situation where the debt ceiling is extended as part of a budget negotiation process for only six weeks which would put us right back in the same position that we're in now. >> reporter: while the talks offered glitches of hope government workers cashed their last paychecks today, half the usual amount and none next pay period if the shutdown isn't lifted. >> for crying out loud, we need our money. >> reporter: house and senate leaders have been working on this plan tonight. tomorrow morning the entire
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house gop caucus meets to discuss it and that includes the tea party faction of the party. reporting live in the satellite news center scott broom, wusa9. new jersey governor chris christie not holding back on his feelings on the shutdown. >> according to the hill, christie said and we're quoting, "if i was in the senate right now, i'd kill myself." how do you really feel, governor? try to hit up any of our national parks this weekend, you'll be out of luck. however, governors in four states are now dipping into their own funds to reopen some of their treasured parks and landmarks. >> new york is opening up the statue of liberty. arizona is lifting the shutdown on the grand canyon and the governors in colorado and utah are both using their state's cash to try to open up some of their federally operated parks as well. if you have a winning d.c. lottery ticket, you're out of time to cash it at least until the shutdown ends. >> d.c. lottery director buddy rugow says the lottery is not allowed to pay the players or
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vendors without authorization from congress. >> who knew? >> so it's no secret that the rollout of the obamacare website was a disaster. now a senator wants health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius to resign for "gross incompetence. " and get this, that senator republican pat roberts is from kansas and so is sebelius. even worse? the two are said to be long time friends. now to new information on a story we first brought you last night on wusa9, one report reveals flight crews are urged not to fly if they think potential terrorists are conducting dry runs on board planes. at least one possible attempt to test security measures during one flight that left from right here in d.c. has already been documented and now some lawmakers want answers. on september 2nd u.s. airways flight 8 to an 80 left reagan national airport headed -- 1880
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left reagan national airport headed to orlando. this memo obtained from our sister station in tampa reveals a middle eastern man rose from his seat, ran toward the cockpit before veering sharply into a forward restroom. that's when three other men moved about the cabin changing seats going into overhead bins. the transportation security administration confirms the incident and we've learned those four men were detained when the flight landed. however, the tsa reported there was no further investigation at the time. according to the same memo, the pilot of the return flight ordered the inspection of the plane after eight women in burqas showed up at the boarding gate and evidence of tampering was found. the memo cites several cases recently throughout the airline industry of what appear to be probes or dry runs to test the airline's procedures and reaction to an in-flight threat which could also include trying to spot air marshals. senator marco rubio and former head of the transportation committee florida congressman john mica both calling for an
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investigation as a result of this report from our station in tampa. congressman micah said it is the government's obligation and responsibility to remain vigilant. while the specifics of the u.s. air incident are not public, federal authorities must review the matter. the price of beef could be going up at restaurants and grocery stores across the country after just a freak early season blizzard in south dakota where tens of thousands of cattle died. what does that mean to you? wusa9's armando trull found out we'll be feeling the effects of the loss for some time. >> reporter: this week's blizzard literally froze thousands of cattle in their tracks. >> we've lost about 75,000 head of cattle. that's roughly equal to about one week's worth of beef production in this country. >> reporter: overnight dozens of ranchers saw their herds wiped out along with their livelihoods. >> it's devastating, had some tearful conversations. they're having a hard time.
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some of them know that it's going to put them out of business. >> we have heard reports some producers have lost their entire calf crop. that means everything they have worked for for the past year is now gone and they will not have a payday. >> reporter: ranchers will still need to pay for the disposal of thousands of carcasses spread over hundreds of acres. it's a staggering blow not just to the affected ranchers, but potentially to america's beef industry. >> not only will they have to worry about the money they wouldn't get this year, but also how that's going to hit them in years coming up that by not having the cattle to reproduce a calf crop, not only next year but down the road. >> reporter: a smaller herd means higher prices, although you won't get sticker shock at the meat counter just yet. what about next year? will you come to your favorite pricey steakhouse, check out what it costs to buy an 8-ounce fillet and decide a 1/4-pounder might be better for your budget. >> we don't anticipate short term increase in beef prices,
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but the long term impact on our industry could be very heavy. >> reporter: woodall says it's too early to say when and how much prices could go up. >> the national cattleman's beef association says the government shutdown means there is no farm bill in congress and no help in sight. we're just getting started on wusa9 news at 11:00. the wet weather didn't stop area athletes from hitting the gridiron this friday night. your high school football highlights ahead in sports. >> plus hope your meal is done. investigative reporter russ ptacek has seen it all when he comes to filthy restaurants and tonight the worst thing russ has ever had the misfortune of seeing with his own two eyes, you'll see them with yours, too. >> right after the break the teenager shot in the head by teenager shot in the head by the taliban, her message
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i'm a private businessman in virginia and to me the most important thing in a governor is to help create jobs. i trust terry mcauliffe to work with businesses to help us create the jobs that we need to move virginia's economy forward. and that's why i'm voting for terry mcauliffe.
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as a small businessman in virginia i'm voting for terry mcauliffe. he's the one that can create jobs and grow virginia's economy. he will work with republicans and democrats to get the job done. that's why i trust terry for governor. one year ago this week malala yousafzai made international news when she was shot by the taliban for simply going to school. today she was welcomed with a standing ovation at the world bank and sidwell friends school in d.c. this courageous young girl brought a strong message for the taliban. they cannot stop me from continuing my campaign. president obama and the first family also took some time to meet with malala today as well. it is pretty hard to
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fluster our investigative reporter russ ptacek, let alone make him gag, but just watch. >> images you've never seen before from a restaurant, inspectors shut down in response to our restaurant alert. >> reporter: these are the worst conditions i've ever see. you need to come here right away and clean your place. that's what i told the manager after i saw this. oh, my god, one of them is still alive. oh. inspectors had closed cafe masala ganapati foods in rockville known for tasty indian specialties. it was cited for 12 violations including rodent droppings found in cabinets and on food contact surfaces, food contaminated with visible rodent gnawing on packages and evidence of rodent droppings inside display cases. something this customer didn't know. we're here because the health
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department had just shut them down. >> oh, great, okay. never mind. >> reporter: since inspectors reported it had cleaned and sanitized and was approved to open, we asked to see improvements. workers put us on the phone with the boss. we can go in and make sure there aren't any mice in there, that's okay with you? they let us in, but all right. i've never seen a corner like that. there are at least three dead mice on one sticky glue. we found potentially sickening conditions in just about every corner of cafe masala. i explained to a worker we're finding mice here again. it even smells down here. i explained to the worker this is very filthy. experts say uncovered food sitting on a dirty refrigerator floor makes it vulnerable to contamination from not only vermin but from other food above and even people.
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one of the problems is this is their screen door and look, anything can come right through and as you saw, they did. we got that original back on the phone. there are multiple -- owner back on the phone. there are multiple, multiple dead mice stuck on sticky boards. your screen is completely open which is what is allowing them in. there's food all over the floor. there are flies. as soon as we got off the phone with the owner, we called montgomery county health which prompted an immediate reinspection finding 14 violations, numerous live and dead roaches, mouse fecal droppings, roach crawling inside food display cabinet shelf, a walk-in refrigeration unit converted to a storage office room and a damaged rear screen door. that same day they ordered the premises closed again posting a green placard until further notice in order to proof evan the immediate health and safety
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-- preserve the immediate health and safety of the community. the cdc says just touching something contaminated with mice saliva can make you sick let alone fecal matter or urine. if you see something gross, your health department is set up to investigate. we have contact information online at i'm russ ptacek, wusa9. >> after russ' visit cafe masala failed back to back health inspections, but third time is a charm. management fixed enough problems by the third inspection yesterday montgomery county did allow the place to start serving the public again. if you want to be the first to know which restaurants are closed in our area for health violations, you can follow russ ptacek on twitter or like him on facebook. we start in the district where a d.c. police detective is charged in a money laundering case accused of using drug money to buy some serious wheels. the detective accused is 49- year-old stephanie ellison. 27 years on the police force. prosecutors say she conspired to use drug money to buy a
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maserati, a bmw and a harley. to montgomery county where an armored car guard suffered severe injuries while servicing an atm. it happened this afternoon in the drive-thru lane at a bank of america on quince orchard road in gaithersburg. a car hit the guard causing life threatening injuries. the driver did stay on the scene. on to arlington county now, tonight's metro put three newesque -- tonight metro put three new escalators into service at the pentagon station. metro is in the process of replacing more than 100 worn out escalators and upgrading dozens more across the entire transit system. keeping your family safe wusa9 first alert weather. >> our other big story today, of course, is this weather and all this rain and flooding in parts of the area. >> yeah. we have had flooding on streets, streams, low lying areas close to rivers and creeks and looks like that's going to continue through the
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overnight hours starting to subside, though, as we head into the weekend. however, it's still going to be dreary saturday. let's look outside right now with the michael and son weather cam at reagan national airport where that rain is still falling, 64 degrees, winds out of the north, northeast at 13 miles per hour. doesn't that make you want to go outside? of course not. it's really unpleasant. in your weather headlines we'll stay dreary on saturday. lots of clouds in place. that persistent east flow is going to continue to keep the rain and drizzle in our forecast, but luckily we're starting to see things subside. so the record breaking rainfall that we had today throughout the entire d.c. metro, we're not going to see a repeat performance of that tomorrow. it is going to get better sunday. we'll see more sunshine. we'll actually see peeks of sun and fewer showers plaguing us. so we'll finally start to dry out sunday. right now it is 61 in martinsburg and hagerstown. some of these temperatures have risen a couple degrees since
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you tuned in with us at dinner time. it's 63 at andrews, bwi, temperatures will remain consistent during the overnight hours because of the clouds just kind of keeping things in check. we're also starting to see winds become more southeasterly. that's going to change tomorrow. you can see plenty of scattered showers in the forecast. that is because of this persistent easterly flow. it actually is tapping into a little tropical moisture as well. we're getting a whole big caribbean tie-in with this forecast. on 9 futurecast as you wake up tomorrow just very light scattered showers, the light greens indicating the lightest rainfall, darker greens more moderate and steady rainfall, yellows being areas where rain could get more heavy. by noon we could see a couple of those little intense areas of rainfall, but much more scattered than what we had today and then we'll see a few more of those possibilities. there's not much difference from one day part to the next, but we are going to have to
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deal with those scattered showers, less rain tomorrow than what we had today. overnight tonight we still will have the light rain and drizzle, 56 to 60, winds north at 5 to 10. low 60s tomorrow morning. it will be a little breezy, northeast winds at 10 to 15 miles per hour and that continues in the afternoon. it's because of that ocean fetch that we'll have to deal with this as we head through all of saturday, but just a leftover shower sunday, finally starting to see improvement, a high of 69 degrees and then monday comparatively speaking looks really nice with a high of 72 and partly cloudy skies. in the first alert seven-day forecast 70s staying with us for the entire workweek and our next chance for rain once we get rid of this system will be on thursday. that's a different kind of storm system, the kind that could bring us a thunderstorm. >> this does not make for good football. >> not at all. >> slipping and sliding and muddy. >> all the words i use in think preshow tease, but the kids are
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tough. the kids are tough. the rain did not stop the fervor that is friday night lights, puddles, mud, no problem. there were a lot of mudders out there tonight. if you're in charge of cleaning uniforms tomorrow, you've got a uniforms tomorrow, you've got a lot of pumpkin's back at dunkin'? now you tell me. try the new pumpkin pie donut or any of our other many pumpkin treats today. america runs on dunkin'.
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"i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad." these are birth control pills. more than half of american women use them at some point in their lives but ken cuccinelli sponsored a bill that could have made common forms of birth control illegal, including the pill.
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cuccinelli was one of only five senators to support this "potentially radical intrusion into domestic, family and individual decision-making" why is ken cuccinelli interfering in our private lives? he's focused on his own agenda. not us.
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hello, everybody. i am chief meteorologist dave owens. if you went to any high school football games tonight, you needed one of these. just joking. i'm not a weather dude, but you didn't need to be one to know there was a lot of precip on the field tonight. i kind of like that. football is a tough game for tough kids, so let's see if they were able to battle through the elements like i'm trying to do right here. game of the week watkins mill in the house at rockville. this is watkins mill punting and look at those rockville rams, rock rock the planet rock the punt blocked. i don't know who that was because his uniform was covered by mud, but that's oak. wolverines had a tough night, a little run in the muck about 15 yards and he bangs inside the 20-yard line.
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sherrod trying to be a one man gang but the rams, they're ram tough. the defense is good. they track them down. all rockville tonight as they win 36-0 and they take home that trophy right there, the 15th annual outback trophy award. >> conditions were sloppy, but we went out and worked in it yesterday and they had some turnovers that certainly hurt them and we capitalized and we got up early and didn't look back. we're definitely riding high now feeling really good about rockville football. >> let's move on. northwest at paint branch. this would be northwest quarterback joshua gills. if you got gills, you do good in the water. that's what i say. quarterback here for 25 yards and the score 7-0 jaguars. paint branch, this is gaston cooper to ryan stango for the touchdown between a couple of
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defenders there. we're tied. this is even better. watch curry. he believes he can fly between two defenders, beautiful. we'll see that later tonight as well. paint branch takes the lead, but northwest comes back to win 31-28. i took the poncho off. let's get serious. stone bridge must be doing a double take on the season. they're not used to losing, but it's happened twice already this season. teams in northern virginia like to see that, finally a stone bridge team that's a little vulnerable. mclean certainly hopes so. let's get out there. here comes mclean and the alabama look. will they play like alabama? not really. this is stone bridge's daunte yarborough with the long run scampering for the score. bulldogs rolling tonight. they win it 35-7. our last stop fairfax at langley, this young lady is your homecoming queen. she's a trooper. fairfax's nick scott, oh, there
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goes the hammer. he gets hammered by that langley defense. langley's tyler west running north south, get it north south. langley wins 28-7. all right. a band of the week, but the soggy conditions put a kibosh on a lot of performances, so we're giving you the plays of the night instead. back to paint branch and northwest, javon curry going between defenders, nicely done. paint branch losing 31-28. second play of the night we stay there. this is paint branch's gaston cooper run in, run in and then stopping. whoa. getting the hammer laid down. those are our plays of the night. what are you doing?
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